Abstract Submission

Click to download the Abstract Book of the TBS International Biochemistry Congress 2022/33rd National Biochemistry Congress

The deadline for submitting an abstract has been revised as 7 October 2022.

You can send yoru abstracts through our online abstract platform. Please click on the button below to access the system. 

Abstract Submission Rules:
  • You can submit your abstracts for your original studies and case studies to be presented as an oral or poster presentation in the TBS International Biochemistry Congress // 33rd National Biochemistry Congress.
  • All submitted abstracts to be presented in the congress have to include newly obtained data or contribution to scientific research other than literature indexing.
  • Abstracts in the compilation category are not accepted and will not be evaluated.
  • All presenting authors are allowed to submit abstracts for only 1 oral and 1 poster presentation. Any more abstracts submitted by the presenter will not be evaluated and will not be included in the scientific program.
  • The authors are responsible for the content of their abstracts. Congress scientific committee or congress secretariat will not make and amendments in the abstracts.
  • Please make sure to provide the correct e-mail address of the corresponding author when submitting your abstracts. The congress secretariat will get in touch with you via this e-mail address.
  • Once you submit your abstract, a copy of your abstract along with your login information will be sent to your e-mail address.
  • In order for an accepted abstract to be presented in the congress and included in the scientific program, the presenting author has to register for the congress. Otherwise the abstract will be removed from the scientific program.
  • Presenting author is expected to attend the congress and present their abstract during the congress. If they do not attend or present
    • They will not be issued a certificate of attendance
    • The abstract will be removed from the scientific program and abstract book
    • The abstract will not be published in the Turkish Journal of Biochemistry.

We strictly recommend authors/presenters to adhere to the deadlines.

When Submitting Your Abstract:
  • Please take careful consideration for typing errors.
  • Please make sure to list authors in the correct order.
  • Please make sure to submit both Turkish and English versions of your abstract.
  • Please select the subject of your abstract from the list of subjects.
  • Please write the title of the abstract in capital letters and avoid using abbreviations and make sure not to exceed 150 characters (including spaces).
  • Please write the full name and last name of all authors.
  • Please make sure your abstract do not exceed 250 words for both Turkish and English versions (the word limit does not include the title, author names, author institutions and only the body of the abstract).
  • Body of the abstract must include “Amaç” – “Objectives”, “Gereç ve Yöntem” – “Materials and Methods”, “Bulgular” – “Results”, “Sonuç” – “Conclusions” sections.
  • Turkish version should have Turkish Alphabet characters and English version should have English alphabet characters only.
  • Please make sure there are no pictures, tables or graphics in your abstract.
  • Please make sure not to include keywords in the body of the abstract but write them in the keyword section of the system. You are expected to write at least 1, at most 5 keywords.
All accepted and presented abstracts will be published in the Turkish Journal of Biochemistry supplement which is listed in SCE-E and many other indexes.

Main Topics for Abstract Submission:
  • Advanced Laboratory Technics
  • Analytic Performance
  • Biochemical Hematology and Hemostasis
  • Bioinformatics
  • Blood Gases
  • Bodily Fluids Analysis
  • Cancer
  • Cardiovascular Markers
  • Case Studies
  • Clinical Performance
  • Education
  • Endocrinology and Metabolism
  • Enzymology and Clinical Enzymology
  • Epigenetics
  • Geriatry and Laboratory
  • Immunological Diseases
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Inflammatory Diseases
  • Information Technologies
  • Interferences
  • Laboratory Management
  • Laboratory Security
  • Lipids
  • Medical Ethics, Legal Regulations and Law
  • Molecular Diagnostic / Molecular Biology
  • Nutrition and Laboratory
  • Organ Specific Diseases
  • Oxidative / Nitrazine Stress
  • Pediatric Laboratory
  • Per Patient Tests
  • Personal Medicine
  • Phytotherapy
  • Pregnancy and Lab
  • Quality Management
  • Reference Range
  • Therapeutic Medicine Monitoring
  • Toxicology and Laboratory
  • Trace Elements and Vitamins
  • Urine Analysis
  • Varia

Abstract Evaluation Process
All abstracts submitted to be presented in the congress will be evaluated by the congress scientific committee. 3 scientific committee members will go over the abstracts for pre-evaluation purposes to check the validity of the abstracts as well as their compliance with the abstract submission rules. The abstracts which pass the pre-evaluation process will be submitted to 2 referees appointed by the scientific committee. The referees will evaluate the abstracts in double blind principle, then the results will be sent to submitting authors by the congress secretariat.

Acceptance Letters
All acceptance/rejection letters will be sent via the e-mail address you provide on the online abstract system. 

All presenting authors must be registered to the congress by the time of evaluation of the abstracts. If not, the abstract will not be included in the scientific program and will not be published in the Turkish Journal of Biochemistry.
Please contact the congress secretariat Ms. Alize Gaip for any questions you might have regarding abstract submission, acceptance, rejection.