Turkish Biochemical Society

Turkish Biochemical Society (TBS) was established in 1975 in Ankara to gather all biochemists (main and clinical) and molecular biologists under the same flag. The society grew in time; establishing 3 branches in Istanbul, Izmir and Adana and registering over 2.500 members and became one of the most prominent associations in Turkey.
TBS is a non-governmental organization, working for the benefit of the public since 10.05.1978. The society is an active member of FEBS and IUBMB since 1978. TBS later became a member of IFCC in 1997, FESCC in 1997, EFLM in 1998 and BCLF in 1998. TBS is also a member of WASPaLM since 2013.
TBS has organized over 30 national and international scientific congresses with over 500 participations. National congresses are organized annually and invite most prominent international speakers to cover biostatistics, methodical validation, molecular biology technics, medical laboratory applications, standardization and accreditation, information technologies, data mining, laboratory management (quality management, standardizations, accreditation, evidence based laboratory medicine), advanced laboratory technics (electrophoresis, chromatography, mass spectrometry, flow cytometry). These topics are also covered in various scientific meetings and courses.
TBS organizes educational meetings for the educators in the field of basic sciences and medicine for both bachelor and post-graduation degrees. One of the most sophisticated congresses in the field of medical biochemistry and laboratory medicine; IFCC Worldlab which is organized in every 3 years was hosted in Istanbul, Turkey in 2014 by TBS. The congress was organized jointly with BCLF congress. All active clinical biochemistry and laboratory medicine federations attended this congress in Istanbul.
TBS publishes the “Turkish Journal of Biochemistry” online 6 times a year in English, which is indexed in SCI Expanded, Journal Citation Reports/Science Edition, Chemical Abstracts, Directory of Open Access Journals, Index Copernicus, Embase, Scopus, ULAKBIM Turkish Medical Index.

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